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This article provides an overview of the possibility of feeding your cat or dog a vegetarian diet. Before even considering this move, it is important to understand that for some pets, making such a change will be impossible and you should not push nature's balance. However, if you have a kitten or a puppy and you are incredibly dedicated, meticulous and highly responsible about feeding your cat the right nutrients and adding necessary elements to the diet such as taurine drops, you might be able to feed your pet a vegetarian, or almost vegetarian, diet.

Suggested Steps for Changing a Pet's Diet Edit

  1. Mix peas and corn in with their regular meals. This is a way to introduce them to vegetable additions.
  2. Buy dried food that contains vegetables.
  3. Slowly increase the amounts of peas and corn; also include other vegetables.
  4. Remove the food items, save the vegetables.

Feeding a Pet a Vegetarian Diet Edit

  1. Get your vet's advice. Cats cannot survive without taurine in their diet. This will need to be added to food supplements.

Tips Edit

  • If the pet refuses to eat the vegetables, add a small amount of fish or chicken in the bowl as well as dried food containing vegetables.