Women need about 45g of protein a day (more if pregnant, lactating or very active), men need about 55g (more if very active).

Evidence suggests that excess protein contributes to degenerative diseases. Vegetarians obtain protein from: Nuts including *hazels *brazils *almonds *cashews *walnuts *pine kernels

Seeds *sesame *pumpkin *sunflower *linseeds.

Grains/cereals *wheat (in bread, flour, pasta etc) *barley, *rye *millet, maize (sweetcorn), rice.

Pulses peas, beans, lentils, a notable example is soya beans, see below.
Soya products tofu, tempeh, textured vegetable protein, veggieburgers, soya milk.

Dairy products *milk *cheese *yoghurt (butter and cream are very poor sources of protein)

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