A Factory farm is a facility that raises livestock and operates as a factory. The animals in factory farms live in cramped, cruel conditions. In order to protest against and cut funding to factory farms, many individuals become vegetarians and vegans. Pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, ducks, are factory farmed. There are also less will known cases of factory farming like factory farmed rabbits and fishes.

"Free Range" meatEdit

Buying "free range" meat isn't necessarily much less cruel. To be classified as free range, the only requirement is that livestock is not caged. "Free range" animals are crammed with numerous other animals, only to die horrible deaths.

We will soon find out lessEdit

A wave of new laws, almost entirely drafted by lawmakers and lobbyists and referred to as “Ag-Gag” bills, are making it illegal to take a farm job undercover; apply for a farm job without disclosing a background as a journalist or animal-rights activist; and hold evidence of animal abuse past 24 to 48 hours before turning it over to authorities. Since it takes weeks or sometimes months to develop a case – and since groups like HSUS have pledged not to break the law – these bills are stopping watchdogs in their tracks and giving factory farmers free rein behind their walls. [1]
If you can it's better to try and avoid milk or eggs from factory farms.

What to doEdit

A farmers market provides organic, fresh alternatives to traditional food. At farmers markets, meat comes with minimal antibiotics from closer to your area than factory farms. This means that your food has not been trucked to you from halfway across the country. This reduces the Carbon dioxide emmisions. Although it is more expensive, your dollars are fed directly into the local economy, benefiting working people instead of a guy who sits back all day while animals are mistreated so his multi-billion-dollar corporation can make him richer still.

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